Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No need to be nervous!!

After a few quiet days of cleaning up my sweat shop and reflection of Sunday, I summed up that although I was so nervous at the start, I soon forgot about the nerves and got talking to a few customers with lovely things to say, it was a successful, enjoyable and exciting day out. With the morning starting with about 4 layers and feeling like a stuffed chook might, we all greeted each other with excitment and wonder as to what the day was going to bring. It was so inspiring to be involved in a market with so many talented crafters, I had to stay in my Marquee for fear of spending what I wanted to take home!!!

Right next to me I had Katie with her Evie Rose hair accessories and Christine from Little Diva with all her gorgeous fabric covered goodies for the kiddies. Straight across from me was Tabbitha s Cupcakes which I unfortunately had to watch sellout of all their yummies before I even had a chance to go over and check them out!! I will be first next market!!

It didn't take long to remove a few layers with setting up our displays and marquees, and before we knew it, it was show time. To my amazement the bags that I thought would definately sell didn't and the bags I wasn't so sure about sold!! There you go, you just never know!!The little girls Mini Fab Bags were the first to go with my display sporting some 00 and 000 size jeans, I must admit so cute and hard to resist, and silly-ly enough hard to part with!!!

The day went by so quickly with so many people roaming the showcase of marquees and crafters, and all enjoying what they saw. Being busy helped with my guilt of attending the market instead of going to my childrens school fair and seeing them dance. I WILL be there next year and I am sure my 7 and 5 year old will hold me to that.

I love getting together with all the crafters as you learn what is new in the crafting world. I was so happy for Liesa from Handmade Expo to hear that she has opened a little piece of Heaven called Handmade Heaven stocking a lot of goodies made by many crafters known to all. I wish her every success and am planning my visit after the school hols.

I am already excited about next month with the Boutique Market aligning with the Chocolate and Coffee Festival at Portside 12th July so it will be another market day not to miss.


bubbachenille said...

Hi Deborah, I havent had a chance to say Hi to you before but I'm sure our paths will cross soon, I have admired your bags and know there will be one just right for me soon. Thanks for becoming a follower, I will enjoy following your blog too !

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Hi Deborah,
I think your site looks fab and I look forward to following your blog as well... Miriam (AKA Bubba Chenille) is actually my mum so we can enjoy it together.