Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Give Up

Yes it is the week before I have a market to attend and guess children are home from school sick!!!! And not just sick, miserable with raging temps, so headaches, dizzy, coughing etc etc etc!!! I swear this happens every August!! And because we have had such a great run with health lately I did not even predict it. But couldn't the bugs come next week? thats not too much to ask , is it!? I am a picture of health at the moment but guess when I will get sick, yes thats right on Saturday, or Sat night or wake up with it Sunday!! I will be there, Portside Hamilton, the Boutique Markets 8am to 1pm. I might not have much stock of Fab Bags but I will be there!!! Of course I take orders! Excuse me while I go and give my eldest a back rub back to sleep after some well needed medicine. Wish me luck for the night ahead. Poor babies.


The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

You can always count on the kids hey?
I am sending you some healthy vibes...
Happy sewing (whenever you can) and hope to make it to the market on Sunday...Hopefully Cooper will be in a better mood!!!


Cute as Buttons said...

Hey Deb. Sorry to hear the kids are sick. My big boy has been home most of the week and the two little ones are starting to show signs. Must have reached this side of town! Hope they start to improve and that you hold up OK. Lisa. x