Monday, July 13, 2009

Fabulous Days

My house is clean!! Mum was here over the weekend to help me with the market but she also can't help herself when she gets to our home to CLEAN!! And after a week of just making bags and not doing anything else other than that, there was a lot to be done. Even my seven year old said today, wow the house is looking clean!! What would we do without our mums.

Well yesterday was a great experience with so much exposure and positive feedback and to all of you that now are accessorised with a FAB Bag I wish you as much pleasure with it as I do making them. Some of the bags were hard to part with!! But I made sure they went to suitable homes and loving people. Thank you to all that visited and made our day as successful as it was. My day started with having to buy some of the flowers from Bloomworks Florist. And for the people that know me well of course I had to buy roses....and guess what they actually are fragrant and smell absolutely fabulous. Not many roses I smell these days smell the way they should, but these I can guarantee and for $15 for such beauty I was amazed.

I then went on to pick up a necklace from Helen at Hemaka that I ordered last month. I am not quite sure what she calls it but it has many different little bits on it that makes it very unique, little charms of hearts, thongs, a ladle, a stick boy, and many more special bits, but all I requested was no fish ones!! Don' t know what I have against fish but no fish were present so I just love the necklace and got many comments about it during the day. The day was a lot of fun with my marquee not being empty for many times of the day so I was happy that I was able to scout around and have a quick look before the crowds moved in.

My neighbours Taryn Newland Photography and Earthly Jewels also reported successful days and with a few coffee breaks or should I say guzzles we survived the day fabulously with smiles on our faces and hearts. After Tabithas Place selling out early last month Mum and I were sure to get in early and were behaved to only buy one each. I am sure many of the other stalls also could not resist a reputable cupcake, hard to resist at the best of times!! Whats that hiding behind your Jewels Julie!!

Congrats to Rachael, Leisl for another successful market. It is certainly a great place for a market and with so many amazing Handmadies to show our wares with, it makes for a Fabulous day out. The comments about the Boutique Market from visitors to FARICated were all favourable and complimentry, not to mention asking when the next market is, which of course is same place, same time, on the 9th August.


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Lovely to see you Deb and your site looked FAB with all your gorgeous bags..


Sandrine said...

Your roses looks fabulous and so your stall,it was a very happy day for us too, I hope next time I will be able to wonder more!;)

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Hi Deb
It was so nice to see you on Sunday...Glad that you had a successful day.
I am happy to announce that as soon as Cooper (you know, my screaming out of control child) was in the car, he fell asleep. YAY...