Saturday, July 11, 2009

When is enough enough

When is enough enough. I sit here with a coffee and a piece of my mums cheesecake and ask do I have enough bags made for tomorrows Boutique Market at Portside. Now this is a question I spend most of the day before a market asking myself right up until the tooth picks not longer work with my eyelids. Anticipation is an exciting emotion but also an exhausting one!! Will I have the right colour schemes, do I have enough plainish fab bags to busy fab bags, do I have enough mini fab bags, how can I maximise my exposure of the bags when hanging them??! Honestly will someone tell me the answers!!! And then the day arrives and all runs smoothly, I so appreciate the encouraging comments and purchases, and go home from the market a happy little camper. So what am I worrying about! See you there for a exciting day, have you seen all the retailers, not to mention all that is happening with the Choc and Coffee Festival. My mum is coming with me so I will be able to escape and have a wonder around and admire the amazing crafties and handmadies (as Mickey would say or is it Liesa!!) present.


Cute as Buttons said...

Don't know the answers, Deb, but would you let me know when you work it out, please? I believe Liesa or Micky would be correct in that sentence! Lisa. x

bubbachenille said...

They'll both be thrilled to know you are using "handmadies" ! Dont sell out though I need one at the Handmade expo SOON !

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Hi Deb,

Good luck tomorrow... I am thinking about coming so I might see you there.... we actually both use that name even though it is the title of my blog, Liesa made the word up - can't take all the credit...LOL


Sandrine said...

Yep...I can relate too;)See you tomorrow with your lovely fab bags;)